Motorola smartphone with retractable screen in preparation?

After trying out foldable screens, Motorola could try another innovation in the smartphone sector.

One of the first major manufacturers to have entered the market for smartphones with foldable screens (with the RAZR), Motorola would have in its boxes another innovation to shake up the sector.

Vertically extendable screen for Motorola Felix smartphone

According to sources from well-known leaker Evan Blass, Motorola is preparing a stretch-screen model, codenamed Felix. Oppo had already presented a similar concept with the Oppo X 2021, but the Motorola version has a significant difference. Rather than extending to the side of the smartphone to make it a mini-tablet when unrolled, the screen here would extend vertically from the bottom of the device. It therefore does not become wider, but higher. Original…

Note that this smartphone is only in its early stages of development and that there is not even a prototype. It will therefore be necessary to be patient before seeing it arrive, especially since it could simply be canceled on the way. Source: 91mobiles