Improved Lightning port on iPhone 14, but still no USB-C

iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max should get a faster Lightning port, but still no USB-C on the horizon for Apple-branded smartphones.

Despite pressure from European authorities, it seems that Apple does not want to adopt the USB-C charging and data transfer standard, and it is still the proprietary Lightning format that will prevail on the next iPhone 14.

Very profitable Lightning port for Apple

According to sources on the idropnews site, the reason for not switching to USB-C is mainly financial. Indeed, Apple collects royalties from manufacturers of iPhone accessories using the Lightning port, something impossible with the free USB format. And if the American firm has taken the plunge for its iPad Pro, it appears that Apple will do everything not to let go of its format until the iPhone is completely devoid of ports, which will happen one day or so. 'other.

iPhone USB, it exists but…

Note in passing that the Lightning port of the iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max will be improved, offering transfer speeds comparable to USB 3.0, where we were in the 2.0 standard until then. And if you really want a USB iPhone, know that it exists but it is both rare and expensive.