32 chips under the skin, the future of humanity?

Patrick Paumen makes his payments like a Jedi, with a wave of his hand, because he has a secret…

37-year-old Dutchman Paul Paumen considers himself a “biohacker”. And for good reason, he has 32 implants under his skin, including 21 RFID chips allowing him to open doors and pay without contact with the movement of his hand.

The word to Paul Paumen

“The reactions from the cashiers are hilarious,” he told the BBC. The chip to pay for his purchases uses Near-Field Communication (NFC) technology, while the others leverage other methods giving Paumen the functionality of multiple credit cards. “Technology is constantly evolving, says Paul, so I get new chips. My implants improve my body, I couldn't live without them. However, this transhumanist does not seek to promote his particular way of life: There will always be people who do not want to modify their bodies. We have to respect it, and they have to respect us as biohackers too.”

Finally, note that Paumen also has magnets implanted under the skin (see photo above), because… why not?