Farewell iPhone 11 after the release of the iPhone 14?

Which old model of iPhone Apple will officially stop selling after the release of the new range for the next school year.

With each new iPhone range, Apple withdraws some of its older models from sale to maintain a relatively small catalog that is more in tune with current events.

The iPhone 11 would not survive the release of the iPhone 14?

Thus the iPhone 12 Pro and the iPhone XR were withdrawn from sale last year after the release of the iPhone 13, and this year it is the iPhone 11 which could disappear when the iPhone 14 arrive. C This is in any case what the sources of the idropnews site say, explaining that the iPhone 11 overshadows the very recent iPhone SE 2022. Despite its new chip and 5G connectivity, the latter does not manage to convince , and there was even observed a resurgence in iPhone 11 sales right after the release of the SE 2022. Indeed, customers preferred to spend a little more for a prettier model, equipped with two cameras and a chip still efficient, instead of choosing an SE specimen just for 5G, a communication standard that is not yet fully installed.

So is it the end of the iPhone 11? Response in September with the arrival of the iPhone 14.