Apple TV with integrated HomePod? Still in development

Apple would continue to advance on a new multimedia box, a mix of Apple TV and HomePod speaker, integrating a camera.

This time last year, Apple leaker Mark Gurman of Bloomberg claimed that Apple is considering developing a new Apple TV box that incorporates an audio system based on the HomePod speaker, as well as a camera for make video calls through the TV.

AppleTV/HomePod, key product for Apple?

While the product was still in its infancy and could have been canceled in the meantime, Gurman says that this device is still in development. He adds that this is a key product for Apple to enter homes. It would indeed be a central device connected to several HomePod Minis around the house.

AppleTV/HomePod, Siri voice control without remote

As a reminder, this new feature would also offer the usual functions of Apple TV, i.e. video streaming and video games via Apple Arcade, while adding the options of a connected speaker such as voice control via Siri.