TCL C935 4K Ultra HD TV: Mini LED, QLED, 2000 nits, Dolby Vision/Atmos 2.1.2, HDR10, 144 Hz and Goggle TV

TCL presented most of its 2022 audio-video range yesterday. references on the rise, and on the other hand increasingly large screen diagonals, up to 98'' (249 cm) for the C735 series. While waiting for its presentation in detail in a later news item, make way for the TCL C935 series, the most exclusive of the Ultra HD 4K range.

The TCL C935 is available for pre-order today, and in stores from the end of April, in two diagonals: 65'' (165 cm) and 75'' (191 cm). As you can see in the photos below, televisions display a premium design, in particular with an integrated sound bar, a titanium-colored metal finish and a central stand. The latter can be adjusted in height, at the margin, plus or minus 3 centimeters.

TCL C935, new Mini LED OD5 backlight system Ultra HD 4K LCD 144 Hz model, the TCL C935 televisions are equipped with an advanced, fourth-generation Mini LED system, called OD5 (distance between the backlight system and the LCD panel of 5 mm). The panel is of course 10-bit native. In terms of zones, there are 1,080 for the 65'' and 1,920 for the 75'', each of them containing 8 diodes. The total is therefore 15,360 LEDs on the 75C935 and 8,640 on the 65C935.

TCL specifies that these diodes are all strictly identical, particularly in terms of efficiency (electrical efficiency, wavelength, power) to ensure a perfect homogeneity of the image, but also in colorimetric terms for a total uniformity and to fight the Demura effect (also called Clouding) directly from the backlighting system and not only at the level of the LCD panel. Another clarification given by TCL, the on-board LEDs are able to change state extremely quickly, ie a period of time less than that required to display an image, even with a 120 hertz signal. Called Direct Drive by TCL, this feature eliminates shadow problems on moving objects.

Similarly, the LEDs of 16-bit TCL C935 TVs offer ultra-precise control of the brightness delivered, according to 6,536 levels. Thus, the slightest variations of the image are taken into account and reproduced on the screen for increased realism. Finally, TCL indicates that the diodes of the C935 screens are no longer square but round with a view to better control of the light generated and the significant reduction of the halo phenomenon (Blooming) still visible on the Mini LED diffusers.

In total, the backlighting system of TCL C935 televisions therefore includes five major technical developments for a display quality announced as unprecedented by the brand. And we must admit that the first demonstrations are conclusive with a result extremely close to the Oled, particularly in the axis with no visible trace of Blooming (still present off axis but greatly reduced compared to the C825 TVs for example).

TCL C935 Main Specifications On the menu of technical characteristics, the TCL C935 televisions display a luminous peak of 2,000 nits and QLED (Quantum Dots) technology allows 97% coverage of the DCI-P3 gamut. Of course, the four HDMI 2.1 connectors are included with HFR 4K/120, eARC, VRR (from 48 Hz to 144 Hz) and ALLM compatibility. Ditto for the management of HDR10, HDR10+ and HDR Dolby Vision associated with the Dolby Vision IQ functionality (brightness sensor), without forgetting the FreeSync Premium Pro.

We can also mention a 120 Hz MEMC motion compensation, a new anti-reflective treatment and an anti-blue light mode. Plus a Game mode with an Input Lag of 6 milliseconds.

Sound 2.1.2 and 60 W The 2.1.2 sound equipment is still signed Onkyo, in the form of a sound bar integrated under the screen with the boomer placed at the back of the screen + two HP Height located at the bottom of the TV, for a total power of 100 W (2 x 30 W + 20 W + 2 x 10 W). Dolby Atmos and DTS-HD compatibility are on the program and the AI Sonic Adaption function adapts the sound settings in real time to the nature of the content broadcast.

The TCL C935 TVs also benefit from the Sound Tracking function for perfect placement sound synchronized with the action on the screen. For this, nine speakers are used (front and Up-Firing)

TCL C935, gesture control Namely, the TCL C935 TVs can be associated with an external USB 2.0 or 3.0 camera to use the Google Duo application. Thanks to an upcoming Firmware update, it will also be possible via this camera to take advantage of gesture control of the TV.

Smart Google TV Of course, the TCL C935 TVs include the Smart Google TV function (Android 12). For connectivity, it is the Wi-Fi 6 function which is required in addition to Bluetooth 5.0. Finally, the Imax Enhanced certification is also present. We still notice the AirPlay 2 and Miracast certifications.

Immediate availability for pre-order, in stores at the beginning of May. Indicative prices: €1,899 for the TCL 65C935 and €2,799 for the TCL 75C935.

Reminder of the key characteristics of the TCL C935 TVs:

• 10-bit panel

• LCD panel

• Ultra HD/4K panel

• 144 Hz panel

• Processor: Quad Core

• Mega Contrast enhancement function

• Wide Color Gamut function

• UHD Color Extender function

• UPnP (DLNA) multimedia gateway function

• DVR function

• eARC function

• VRR function (from 48 Hz to 120 Hz)

• ALLM (Auto Low Latency Mode) function

• 4K HFR 120 Hz function

• Quantum Dots function

• UHD Super Resolution function

• AiPQ 2.0 Engine function

• HDR10 and HDR HLG compatibility

• HDR10+ compatibility

• Miracast compatibility

• HDR Dolby Vision compatibility

• HEVC compatibility

• Dolby Atmos compatibility

• HBBTV compatibility

• Fransat compatibility

• CEC compatibility

• Channel compatibility Ready

• Bluetooth 5.0 compatibility

• Wi-Fi compatibility ax

• DTS-HD compatibility

• HDCP 2.3 compatibility

• FreeSync Premium Pro compatibility

• Imax Enhanced certification

• Filmmaker Mode certification

• Output: 1 optical

• Inputs: 4 HDMI 2.1 inputs, 1 USB Host 2.0 port, 1 port Ethernet

• Google Assistant multimedia

• Google TV multimedia

• Google Duo multimedia

• MEMC motion compensation

• Mini LED Local Dimming backlight system

• Number of zone(s): 1,920 on the 75'', 1,080 on the 65'' (and 8 diodes per zone)

• Peak light: 2,000 nits

• Mini LED technology: yes

• DVB-T2 tuner

• DVB-C tuner

• DVB-S2 tuner

• Sound section: 2.1.2

• Power: 100 W (2 x 30 W + 20 W + 2 x 10 W)

• Other: Hands-Free Voice Control function, optional camera

• Energy label: G (SDR & HDR)