Dr Who and the Daleks, a jewel of sidereal kitsch soon in 4K Ultra HD

Studiocanal is preparing to bring out of the attic a crazy and colorful nugget from one of the most famous TV series in the world.

We don't know much about director Gordon Flemyng, except for these Daleks (Dr Who and the Daleks and its sequel The Daleks invade the Earth), gems of sidereal kitsch, and Crime is our business, American thriller made in 1968.

A rare film with a caustic look

In Dr Who and the Daleks (1965), very loosely adapted from the television series Dr Who (the second episode more precisely), Peter Cushing (eternal Sherlock Holmes) discovers a mysterious planet, Skaro, where everything seems petrified. She is actually enslaved by machines, strange metallic creatures, the Daleks. A rare film with a caustic look that will be remembered by Michael Myers for his Austin Powers diptych.

There is no doubt that the tangy colors and colorful Technicolor atmospheres of Dr Who and the Daleks will perfectly suit the 4K Ultra HD cooked up by Studiocanal and expected on June 22, in all likelihood in a Steelbook box set, already available for pre-order. More info ASAP.