PlayStation 5 Pro, release end of 2024?

New specs and release date rumors for the new PS5 Pro rumored to be in development.

According to sources from the RedGamingTech YouTube channel, the PlayStation-5 Pro is expected to launch in late 2024.

PS5 Pro, Ray Tracing lens?

As a reminder, this would be a more powerful evolution of the current PS5, just like the PS4 Pro was for the PlayStation 4. This release date corroborates previous rumors on this subject, and RedGamingTech adds that the new console will benefit from significant improvements in terms of technical characteristics. The processor, for example, could benefit from an engraving process in 5 nm or even 4 nm, against 7 nm on the PS5. Virtual reality will thus offer a better experience, and Ray Tracing will be even more efficient with capabilities in this area expected to be 2.5x higher.

These rumors should of course be taken with a grain of salt, as Sony hasn't officially announced anything yet.