Series intro credits: ignored 136 million times a day on Netflix!

Do you know the origin of the now essential "Skip the intro" function offered at the beginning of Netflix series?

According to Cameron Johnson, director of product innovation at Netflix, the "skip intro" button that appears at the start of a series is used by subscribers 136 million times a day, a daily cumulative time saving that rises to… 195 years. Dizzying!

The word to Cameron Johnson, product innovation director at Netflix

This function, which today few consumers cannot do without, was introduced on Netflix in August 2017, and it was born from a working session around another idea, the fast forward and rewind of ten seconds. Go back because we missed a bit of dialogue, nothing more normal, but why go forward ten seconds and risk missing something? The reason was quickly found: to skip the credits. Netflix has indeed realized that about 15% of users manually advance in the video for the first five minutes. “It confirmed for us that a lot of people wanted to skip the intro-,” says Johnson.

The new function thus introduced was an immediate success. “As one of our engineers said, Johnson continues, if you introduce a button that says 'free cupcake' I think it would get fewer clicks than 'skip the intro'. »