Sennheiser IE 900, new audiophile in-ear headphones

Sennheiser presents its latest high-end headphones for lovers of good sound.

Sennheiser IE 900 wired headphones feature the full range of technologies designed for quality sound reproduction, despite the small size of the object.

Die-cut aluminum headphones

It all starts with the body of the headphones, made from a single block of aluminum to create a triple chamber absorption system. This design prevents unwanted peaks and ensures audibility at all frequencies in music.

Sennheiser X3R transducer

Also of note is Sennheiser's new X3R transducer, a refined version of the 7-millimeter Extra Wide Band (XWB) transducer. It helps to limit distortion and restore natural, balanced sound, as well as audio transparency at any volume.

Cables to choose from

Finally, note that the headset comes with an unbalanced cable with 3.5 mm mini-jack connector and balanced cables with 2.5 mm and 4.4 mm connectors, not to mention the contours of individually adjustable ear and memory foam tips in three sizes. Of course, thanks to the gold-plated MMCX Fidelity Plus connector, audiophiles are free to choose whatever cable they want to use the IE 900s.

Sennheiser Product Manager Jermo Köhnke has the floor

"Knowing that every detail counts for the best mobile audio fidelity, we have taken care of the harmonious combination of the different components of the IE 900 headphones," says Jermo Köhnke, Head of produced at Sennheiser. The result: long listening sessions without compromise, at home or on the go. ”

Available at an indicative price of 1,299 euros.

Reminder of the key features of the Sennheiser IE 900:

• Type: closed dynamic in-ear headphones

• Loudspeaker (s): dynamic X3R, 7 mm diameter

• Frequency response: 5 - 48,000 Hz

• Sensitivity: 123 dB

• Harmonic distortion rate (THD): <0.5%

• Certification: Hi-Res Audio

• Other (s): unbalanced cable with 3.5 mm mini-jack connector and balanced cables with 2.5 mm and 4.4 mm connectors supplied

• Weight: 4 g per earphone