GfK TV France 2021 report: sales down -15.8% but turnover up 1.7%

The market research organization GfK held its traditional annual press conference on the electronic goods market in France on February 10th. As usual, it was rich in lessons, particularly on the TV market.

In 2021 in France, the EGP (Consumer Electronics) market experienced a difficult year with a decline of -3.8%, nevertheless offset by an increase of +1.6% in value. The TV segment did even less well with a landing at 3.883 million units (-15.8%) but here too a growing turnover at 2.138 billion (+1.7%).

Premium shaped TV market

The explanation for these antagonistic data between Volume and Value is to be found in the premium TV segment with a good increase in sales of Oled models, +55% compared to 2020 for a turnover of around 1.2 billion euros, an increase of 42% in value compared to 2020. On the LCD side and still compared to 2020, Full HD and Ultra HD 4K/8K models, sales are down -3% for a turnover up by 8% with a turnover of nearly 300 million. In total, for the year 2021, Oled TV sales represented 15% of sales for 1.2 billion euros in revenue, LCD sales 85% of sales for just over 940 million euros in revenue. . The difference is of course explained by the significantly higher average price of Oled TVs compared to LCD TVs.

Diagonal and average price of TVs in France in 2021

Namely, in 2021, the average price of an Oled TV was €1,569, €938 for a QLED TV and €1,859 for a Mini LED TV. Another indication given by GfK on the French market, large screen sizes are more than ever on the rise with an increase of one inch (2.54 cm) for the average diagonal of our televisions, to 46 ' ' (117 cm), while the segment of screens of 65'' (165 cm) and more experienced a rise in value of 9% to finally represent 32% of the turnover of the TV market.