iPhone 14 Pro: the real size of the perforations on the screen

New leaked image that confirms the presence but also the size of the perforations that will replace the notch on the screen of the next iPhone 14 Pro.

Corroborating previous rumors on this subject, an image was published on the Chinese social network Weibo, showing the new perforations which will replace the notch at the top of the screen of the iPhone 14 Pro.

Round and oval perforations on the iPhone 14 Pro

The image also gives a better idea of the size of these perforations - one circular and one oval - apparently quite imposing. The image was later confirmed by renowned leaker Jon Prosser's own sources.

..8 GB of Ram on the iphone 14 Pro?

While the iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max will have this new design, it should be noted that the other two iPhone 14s in the range will retain the notch. The iPhone 14 will normally be announced next September, with - according to the latest rumors - Pro versions equipped with 8 GB of Ram memory, a first on Apple smartphones.