681 million 5G smartphones distributed in 2022

Over the past twelve months, the health crisis has hurt the tech industry, but the impact has been lessened for 5G.

According to consulting firm ABI Research (via Advanced Television), the effect of the Covid-19 pandemic has been minimal on 5G smartphone production lines compared to the rest of the mobile market.

Faster and faster

The sector is actually rapidly continuing its transition to 5G with devices that are increasingly diversifying, arriving faster and faster and offering a wide variety of prices: enough to accelerate the adoption of these smartphones.

By 2022, ABI Research estimates that 681 million 5G smartphones will be distributed worldwide. This figure was zero in 2018, then 16 million in 2019, 213 million in 2020, and it is estimated at 538 million for the current year 2021 (figures from the Gartner firm).