What's in this wooden PlayStation?

If the divisive design of the PS5 still isn't to your liking, why not hide it in a PSone?

Do-it-yourselfer Chris Salomone of the YouTube channel of the same name likes his PlayStation 5, but he isn't convinced by its look, which is a bit too futuristic for his taste.

PlayStation 5 hidden in a giant PSOne

Helped by his colleague Shaun Boyd, he decided to make an elegant wooden box to hide his console. And not just any box since it takes the emblematic shape of Sony's very first PlayStation. A giant PSone therefore, whose manufacture is meticulously detailed in the video below. So yes, this one dates back almost a year, and it curiously slipped through the meshes of our nets as fishermen of unusual objects. But better late than never as the other would say, and we had to share this moment of madness and ingenuity. Enjoy.