Sony NW-WM1AM2 Signature, Premium Hi-Fi Walkman Android 11.0

In addition to the announcement of the Sony NW-WM1ZM2, the Japanese manufacturer presented ten days ago the Sony NW-WM1AM2 Signature Walkam, a portable audio player packed with advanced technologies at a more affordable price.

In short, the new Sony NW-WM1AM2 premium audio player has almost all the technical characteristics of the Sony NW-WM1ZM2, modulo two major differences: an aluminum chassis and not a gold-plated copper one, a low-resistance OFC cable for connect the base of the amp to the balanced headphone jack and a storage memory of 128 GB against 256 gigabytes.

For the rest, there is a 5'' (12.7 cm) 720p HD LCD touch screen and Wi-Fi compatibility for easy access to the main music platforms (streaming and downloading) or personal audio libraries. The operating system is Android 11.0.

Sony NW-WM1AM2, S-Master HX and FT CAP3 Capacitors

Compatible with balanced connection and Hi-Res Audio format, the Sony NW-WM1AM2 incorporates the latest audio technologies available, starting with Sony's S-Master HX digital amplification, independently developed for Walkmans. It contains several FT CAP3 (High Capacity Electrolytic Capacitor) capacitors as well as a large solid electrolyte capacitor with large capacitance and low resistance.

Sony NW-WM1AM2, DSD remastering engine

Also noteworthy, a dual clock and a Fine Sound Register (for controlled current distribution to all components for consistent audio quality), as well as a DSD remastering engine to resample PCM audio (Pulse Code Modulation) in DSD format. We should mention in passing the presence of DSEE Ultimate technology, which uses artificial intelligence to adapt the audio frequency and the signal rate in real time for an always optimized sound quality. Also note that the autonomy of the device displays 40 uninterrupted hours in Hi-Res Audio playback in Flac format (96 kHz).

Available from April 2022. Indicative price: 1,400 euros.

Reminder of the key features of the Sony NW-WM1AM2:

• Coating: gold-plated

• Screen: 5'' (12.7 cm) TFT LCD

• Resolution: 1,280 x 720 pixels

• Flash: 128 GB (expandable by 1 TB via micro-SD)

• Bluetooth LDAC compatibility

• Wi-Fi compatibility

• DSD 2.8 compatibility/ 5.6/11.2 MHz

• Bluetooth 5.0/NFC compatibility

• Others: film capacitors, FT CAP3 capacitors, Kimper Kable internal link, Fine Sound Register

• Function(s) : 10-band equalizer, DSEE Ultimate

• Operating system: Android 11.0

• Sound section: 384 kHz/32-bit compatibility

• Certification: Hi-Res Audio

• Connector : USB Type-C port, 4.4 mm balanced connector

• Maximum output power: 2 x 250 mW (4.4 mm balanced connector), 2 x 60 mW (3.5 mm connector)

• Amplification: Class D S-Master HX

• Frequency response: 20-40,000 Hz

• 3.5 mm mini-jack headphone socket: yes

• Battery: 40 hours d 'autonomy

• Size dimensions (W x H x D, mm): 80.5 x 142.5 x 20.8 mm

• Weight: 299 g