iPhone Flip clamshell, concept video

While waiting for Apple to enter the foldable smartphone niche, independent creatives continue to imagine what such an iPhone could look like.

Several designers have already exposed their vision of what could be a foldable clamshell Galaxy Z Flip iPhone.

Apple iPhone Flip

The YouTube channel #ios beta news adds its stone to the building with a 3D model mimicking the clamshell design of the model signed Samsung. Once folded, this iPhone Flip therefore easily fits in a pocket, even if it is unfortunately devoid of a small additional screen for notifications and other information. Unfolded, it looks like a classic iPhone except for the notch which disappears in favor of a central perforation at the top of the screen for the selfie camera (see photo above). At the back, there is a triple photo sensor with LidAR scanner.

To return to Apple's projects on the subject, we know that the brand is actively working on foldable technology. On the other hand, Apple reserves the right to completely cancel the project if the result does not reach its high standards of quality and ergonomics.