What if Nintendo made a coffee machine, with Mario foam?

In the world of imagination, anything goes, even a Nintendo coffee machine that draws you a Mario with milk froth.

Our loyal readers may have noticed that we have a soft spot for all products that make coffee, whether they're outlandish or come from a galaxy far, far away. And even when they are imaginary, we don't mind. As proof, this concept signed by the Turkish industrial designer Sergen Çağlayan: a coffee maker manufactured by the video game giant Nintendo.

Little foam men

The rather nifty and playful fictional device takes up the aesthetics and colors of the Nintendo Switch. It is equipped with a folding screen and buttons reminiscent of the GameBoy Advance SP. The system even allows you to choose the illustration that the machine will draw on the surface of the coffee, with milk froth: Mario, Pikachu… they're all there. Magic, right? Source: Yankodesign