Outward folding Motorola Razr, in project

The foldable screen of the next Motorola Razr flip smartphone could end up outside in folded mode this time.

Beating Samsung's Galaxy Z Flip by a few months, the Motorola Razr released in 2019 is the first flip smartphone with a foldable screen. A well-protected screen once the device is folded back on itself to be slipped into a pocket.

Photo/video sensor usable Razr smartphone folded

But the security of the screen could give way to its functionality if we are to believe a patent filed by the brand and unearthed by Gizmochina. The document describes a flip smartphone with a foldable screen, folding outwards. The screen would therefore be visible when the device is folded. We can see from the illustrations that the camera module is housed in a protrusion at the top of the screen, thus remaining usable whether the smartphone is folded or not.

Also note an apparently innovative hinge system, minimizing the fold of the screen and bringing the two halves together in folded mode, without annoying gaps.