iPhone 13 Pro sado-maso for Valentine's Day, it's normal in Russia

Celebration of love with this collection of luxuriously modified iPhones, bordering on indecency…

Well-known for its iPhones modified with a touch of ostentatious luxury, the Russian company Caviar strikes a blow with its new Kinky collection for Valentine's Day. Three iPhone 13 Pro (and Pro Max) that lean less towards sweet love affairs than assumed sado-masochism.

Studded leather

The first model named Dutiful (meaning “Obeyant”, the tone is set) displays a blackened titanium shell with a rim also adorned in titanium. The highlight of the show is a titanium ring held “firmly” by three studded leather straps on the back of the device.

Next is the Dominant model (obviously), with a black python skin shell and 24k gold-plated frame. On the back, an 18 carat ring held by two leather straps.

And alligator…

Finally, a little less tendentious, the latest model is called Passion and has a red alligator leather shell, with a 24-carat gold frame. On the back is an 18-karat gold heart held by two calfskin straps.

All these odes to love (not at all Peta friendly!) are available at the indicative price (from) 6,000 euros. When we love…