Completely crazy: Mission impossible 7 will cost more than 300 million dollars!

The budget for Mission Impossible 7 starring Tom Cruise is exploding and could exceed the record sum of $300 million.

While in the middle of filming, the film Mission impossible 7 with Tom Cruise took the Covid-19 pandemic in the face and saw production delays follow, the most important being the false start in Venice in February 2020, with filming stopped dead, forcing the production to change all its plans.

Shooting stopped 7 times

And the rest was not easier with half a dozen sets in different countries where, each time, the slightest delay in planning took on incredible proportions. All in all, the filming of Mission Impossible 7 will have been interrupted and restarted seven times!

One of the most expensive movies of all time

Interruptions during which the production had to continue paying the film crews. Variety points out that in the end, the budget overrun is such that it not only makes Mission: Impossible 7 the most expensive film of the entire franchise, but also one of the most expensive films of all time, period.

July 14, 2023, deliverance

For comparison, Mission: Impossible 6 cost $190 million. Today, just in manufacturing cost (excluding promotion, therefore), the film has already reached the colossal sum of 290 million dollars. The $300 million budget should therefore be greatly exceeded by the time the film is released in theaters, normally set for July 14, 2023.