Cascading Posters for The Lord of the Rings: Rings of Power on Amazon

Prime Video has just unveiled two dozen posters for its future series The Lord of the Rings: the Ring of Power (click to see how the credits were shot without special effects!).

Many (too many!) posters of the future series on which we don't see the faces of the protagonists but only their hands with a weapon or an accessory…

Too many posters kills the poster

Or how to do below sea level in terms of teasing, what's more with an overflow of posters that is really starting to get boring. You will have understood, we are campaigning here for a film/a series = 1 poster, more than enough to boost the creativity of the artistic teams who will only be entitled to one shot to hit the mark, and stop flooding social networks with anything and everything (see the latest Batman poster… ouch).

Released September 2, 2022

As a reminder, the series will be a prequel to JRR Tolkien's universe and will explore Middle-earth several millennia before the events told in The Lord of the Rings. It will return to the time when Sauron uses the one ring to put the free people of Middle-earth under his control and is about to set up the creation of the rings of power… The most expensive series ever produced (465 million) will be released on September 2, 2022 on Amazon Prime Video in France.

All posters can be viewed at a glance here.