Designed for Xbox, Xbox Series S / X certified gaming displays

After accessories, the "Designed for Xbox" program extends to screens capable of enhancing the new Microsoft consoles.

Designed to ensure that as many third-party accessories as possible are compatible with new Xbox Series X / S consoles, the Designed for Xbox program extends its reach to screens and monitors.

Label Designed for Xbox and HDMI 2.1 functions

To display the famous quality label, they must support the latest HDMI 2.1 technologies, such as VRR (Variable Refresh Rate), HDR, and Ultra HD 4K compatibility at 120 Hz, just to take full advantage of the graphics capabilities of the new consoles.

Three monitors already certified Designed for Xbox

For the moment three monitors have acquired the certification thanks to a close collaboration with Xbox, starting with the Philips Momentum 55 '' (140 cm), which will be launched this summer in the world for around $ 1,600 (see photo below). Next comes an Asus 44 '' (112 cm), available in a special Xbox edition, including an Xbox mode. Launch scheduled for October at an indicative price of $ 1,400. Finally, the Xbox Edition Gaming Monitor 28 '' (71 cm) from Acer will be released this fall for a indicative price of $ 950.

Microsoft says this is just the start, and more screens will join the Designed for Xbox program in the future.