Re-enact a classic Star Wars scene for Valentine's Day

A cult exchange from The Empire Strikes Back turns into a pair of rings that should appeal to lovebirds (and Star Wars fans).

As Han Solo is about to be frozen in The Empire Strikes Back, Princess Leia confesses her feelings to him with a magnificent "I love you", to which the poacher responds with a mythical "I know ". This famous "I Love you/I Know" in VO can be found on a pair of rings manufactured by Enso Rings.

Lords of the Rings

Specifically, the dialogues engraved on the outside of the two rings are translated into Aurebesh, a fictional writing system used in the Star Wars universe. The I Love you ring and the I Know ring are made of silicone, a material that is more comfortable than metal and limits the risk of injury. Guaranteed for life and handcrafted, the rings are available at an indicative price of €44.99 or €79.99 for a box containing both rings.