Xbox xCloud Streaming Key, it's coming

The Xbox Game Pass streaming video game service is coming to smart TVs, web browsers and even a dedicated Chromecast-style device.

Xbox recently confirmed an informal announcement from its president -Phil Spencer- made last October.

Xbox XCloud key on the way

Thus, the company is developing streaming devices to connect directly to the television or monitor, allowing - subject to a high-performance internet connection - to access the Xbox Game Pass service via technology xCloud. This device, comparable to a Chromecast key, allows via an Xbox Game Pass subscription and a controller to play Xbox games without owning a console. An application will also arrive to offer the same service on a selection of Smart TVs, and by the end of the year, it will be possible to do the same on Chrome, Edge and Safari browsers.

Finally, it should be noted that Microsoft is about to complete the update of its data centers around the world to integrate the hardware of the Xbox Series X, its most recent console.