Samsung Isocell GBW, new photo sensor close to the human eye

Samsung is developing a smartphone photo sensor capable of capturing images of unprecedented quality, called Isocell GBW.

In partnership with the Chinese smartphone manufacturer Tecno, Samsung is developing its very first mobile photo sensor called Isocell GVB, equipped with an RGBW filter. This "W" refers to an additional White pixel in the usual RGB (Red, Green, Blue) filter, improving the sensor's sensitivity to light.

Samsung Isocell GWB 64 Mpxls sensor

The result, brighter images and better color reproduction, even in low light conditions. The brand even says that it is a sensor comparable to what the human eye can see, even if we are far from the 600 Mpxls module in development for a while too. Indeed, this new camera - bearing the name of Isocell GWB - reaches a resolution of 64 megapixels. It should be launched next year in a Tecno smartphone.