65” 300 Hz Mini LED screen with Innolux InnoLED technology

The screen manufacturer Innolux, known for example for supplying the 17'' LCD screen for the Tesla, recently presented a gaming screen equipped, among other things, with its proprietary InnoLED technology, based on a Mini LED backlighting system.

The InnoLED technology from the manufacturer Innolux promises a high dynamic contrast ratio, high brightness, a wide gamut and detail even in dark areas. All with low power consumption and low blue light emission.

InnoLED perfect for Gaming screens?

InnoLED was recently integrated for the first time by Innolux in the very first 65'' miniLED gaming display, with 300Hz refresh rate and iVRR technology (G-Sync compatibility). It offers a high contrast ratio, 85% of the BT.2020 gamut, not to mention a minimal thickness of the screen and almost non-existent borders. According to Innolux, this is a pioneering device in the field of large gaming screens with high refresh rates and localized blackout areas.