Thundertruck, the pick-up to survive the apocalypse

Car concept of the future inspired by Tesla's Cybertruck, but more suited to survival in hostile environments.

Created by design studio Wolfgang IP, this futuristic yet realistic pick-up is the perfect vehicle to survive the apocalypse that we hope will come as late as possible.

Autonomous in energy

Reminiscent of Tesla's Cybertruck (planned for 2022) by its rectilinear shapes, this Thundertruck is distinguished by many details, starting with a fold-out solar panel on the roof, essential when the world's sources of electricity have ceased to function.

Drone to match the Thundertruck

The rear loading platform is modular and can carry motorcycles or quads. Note also the possibility of replacing the rear with a more powerful engine block and two additional wheels, useful in rough terrain. And the killer detail, a matching drone that flies off the roof of the vehicle to scout the road to spot any motorcycle gangs attempting an ambush.