Is Omicron really of extraterrestrial origin?

No controversy, no controversy. In 1963, Italian director Ugo Gregoretti shot the sci-fi comedy Omicron, an unreleased release announced on January 26th.

Selected at the Venice Film Festival in 1963 and Prize for Best Film at the Bordighera Comedy Film Festival the following year, Omicron (the film, not the virus, we will have understood) will at least have the lightness to give us laughter against the backdrop of satire of the industrial society of the 1960s in Italy.

Safe for health

A UFO film starring Renato Salvatori (Rocco and his brothers) where an alien creature named Omicron revives the body of an Italian worker. He then takes his place in our world, observing humanity to detect any clues proving that our dear planet could make a perfect land of welcome for his loved ones. Of course, nothing is going to go as planned, starting with the eruption of feelings never felt then…

Omicron (1h35, B&W) will be available as a single DVD at LCJ Éditions from January 26th. A film guaranteed to be harmless to health.