Record second quarter of 2021 for LG, thank you Oled TV!

Despite the closure of its mobile division, the Korean LG is doing wonderfully financially for this last quarter.

LG Electronics recently announced its results for the second quarter with its highest turnover ever: $ 15.26 billion, 48.4% better than the same period last year. Profits (before interest and tax) climbed 65.5%.

The Oled TV market in great shape

The Home Entertainment sector saw its turnover rise to 3.60 billion, or 79.1% better than the second quarter of 2020. Its profits are 'amount to 297.35 million, or 216.4% better than last year. An excellent result thanks to the popularity of the brand's Oled TVs and the recovery of the global market, affected last year by the closure of stores due to the health crisis.

As the price of screens continues to increase, LG announces that it wants to focus its strategy on the high-end TV segment.