CES 22> Samsung Neo QLED TV, Human Tracking Sound and True Dolby Atmos for the Neo Quantum Processor 2022

For its Neo QLED 2022 TV range, Samsung announces the Neo Quantum Processor 2022 chip. Focus on its main characteristics to magnify the sound rendering from a 4K / 8K Ultra HD television.

On the program for the new Neo QLED TVs, the latest version of the Neo Quantum Processor chip, vintage 2022, equipped with new audio processing possibilities.

Processor Neo Quantum Processor 2022, Human Tracking Sound

Of course, the Neo Quantum Processor 2022 is also involved in the audio reproduction of Samsung Neo QLED televisions. This year, from the Q70B series (see our CES 22 news> TV Neo QLED Ultra HD 8K Samsung QN800B and Samsung QN900B confirmed to discover more widely the Samsung 2022 TV range), the OTS (Object Tracking Sound) function integrates by example the Human Tracking Sound mode.

This allows a more precise localization of the sound broadcast by the TV. Clearly, if two characters are displayed on the screen, the Human Tracking Sound function associates their voices with their position in the image, for increased realism and a widening of the soundstage.

Neo Quantum Processor 2022, OTS Pro 3 Layer and True Dolby Atmos experience

On the premium Samsung QN900B television, the OTS Pro 3 Layers function (with or without Q-Symphony mode) offers a true Dolby Atmos 6.2.4 experience thanks to the presence of two Up-Firing speakers on the back and on the top of the LCD panel. The whole delivers a total power of 90 watts.

Processor Neo Quantum Processor 2022, Q-Symphony 2.0

The Q-Symphony 2.0 function inaugurated on the Samsung QN950B and Samsung S800TV soundbars allows a wireless link between Samsung 2022 Neo QLED televisions to take advantage of the Wireless Atmos function. As a reminder, Q-Symphony technology consists, in the presence of a Samsung Q Series 2020/2021/2022 sound bar connected to a Samsung 2020/2021/2022 TV, to take advantage of the TV speakers in addition to those of the sound bar to magnify the sound reproduction, its scale and its spatialization. Indeed, generally, when a sound bar is connected to a TV, the speakers of the latter are then disconnected. With the Samsung Q-Symphony system, they remain active and play a significant role in the perceived audio enhancement with a configuration of up to 22 separate audio channels depending on the sound bar connected.

Adaptive Sound, AVA and SpaceFit

Of course, we find on the Neo QLED Samsung 2022 TVs all the features of the 2021 models, the Adaptive Sound function capable of adapting the audio settings of the TV in real time according to the displayed image and the function. AVA (Active Voice Amplifier) are therefore still in order. The latter is intended to automatically cover new noise in the TV environment. For example that of a kettle or a vacuum cleaner which will be covered by an increase in volume managed directly by the TV. Don't panic, the TV turns down the sound, always automatically, when the noise stops.

SpaceFit Sound mode is also present. The TV sends a succession of sound messages and analyzes their frequency response, echo and return speed to perform the optimum acoustic treatment depending on the room.