Brian Eno's psychedelic LED turntable

Artist, musician and producer Brian Eno presents a luminous vinyl turntable that gives meaning to the expression "sound and light".

In collaboration with the Paul Stolper Gallery, artist Brian Eno presents an acrylic vinyl turntable containing colorful LED lights constantly evolving to form psychedelic combinations. “Its light is tangible as if it were caught in a cloud of vapor,” explains Brian Eno, who was also to be caught in a special cloud. We sat staring at her for ages, captivated by this completely new experience of light as a physical presence. ”

No price, 50 copies print

If you also want to join Eno on his plane of existence, you can purchase the platinum through the Paul Stolper gallery. However, no price is indicated and the object is only printed in fifty copies, each numbered and signed on the side.