Google Pixel Watch, a connected watch in 2022?

Google could launch its very first connected watch next year with a model facing the Apple Watch, the Google Pixel Watch.

According to the indiscretions collected by Business Insider, Google could market in 2022 a Pixel Watch, the first connected watch of the brand.

Google Pixel Watch with built-in Fitbit?

The smartwatch would be equipped with a heart monitor and other health-related functions, and should also have Fitbit integration. As a reminder, Google bought Fitbit this year for just over $ 2 billion. However, the Google Pixel Watch would be developed by the hardware pole of Google.

Google Pixel Watch, no code "Nightlight" and price over $ 300

Known internally under the code name "Nightlight", the Google Pixel Watch is said to be equipped with the Wear OS operating system, having recently benefited from a major overhaul in collaboration with Samsung. The Pixel Watch would position itself in the high-end sector with a price over $ 300, and therefore compete with the Apple Watch.