Meta, king of social networks

Which companies in the world have control over the biggest social networks of the moment?

After collecting data from multiple official sources, the VisualCapitalist site has summarized in a graph (below) the global distribution of the most popular social media users, as well as their origin.

4.5 billion people use a social network

We learn that more than 4.5 billion people - 57% of the world population - use a social network or similar application. We also knew that the most used social platforms are controlled by a small handful of companies. For example Meta (formerly Facebook) has four of the five most used services in the world: Facebook, What's App, Messenger, Instagram. The other (in second position) is YouTube, owned by Alphabet / Google.

Meta in front of Tencent

In the end, the company that accumulates the most monthly active users with its services is Meta with 7.5 billion people for four platforms. In second position comes China and the company Tencent which, with three services (WeChat, Qzone and QQ), accumulates 2.4 billion active users per month.