Video games, streaming, semiconductors, wearables: 2022 and future trends

Small estimate of the technological trends that await us in the future in the short and medium term…

Deloitte (via Advanced Television) has unveiled its predictions for the technology, media and telecommunications sectors. Selected pieces.

900 million console players in 2022 worldwide

We first learn that there will be 900 million console players in 2022 worldwide, and that there will be 200 million subscriptions to multiplayer games and subscription services, such as Apple Arcade. In another register, venture capital companies will invest more than 5.29 billion euros in semiconductor start-ups next year, three times more than each year between 2000 and 2016. As for the shortage of components, it should continue in 2022, although it will be less severe than during the last 16 months.

Smartwatch expected to grow strongly

Wearable side, 320 million health-related devices (for example Smartwatch) will be distributed worldwide in 2022, and this figure will increase to 440 million in 2024. Results to be compared to the 275 million recorded in 2021. Note that the wearable sector experienced the greatest growth at the start of the year compared to other tech products.

Streaming, a safe bet in 2022

Finally, streaming should have at least 150 million paid subscriptions canceled in 2022 on SVOD services worldwide. Nothing dramatic, however, since the number of new subscriptions will be greater than that of cancellations. By the way, the average number of subscriptions per person will increase.