Urbanista Los Angeles: wireless headphones with active noise reduction and solar battery

No more battery problem, or almost, with these rechargeable headphones in the light, outside and inside.

Swedish brand Urbanista presents the Los Angeles wireless headset, the first of its kind equipped with both active noise control and solar-powered self-charging. Concretely, the helmet is constantly recharged when it is exposed to light, both outdoors and indoors.

Urbanista Los Angeles, main specifications

The new Urbanista mobile application, for its part, provides indications on the best way to take advantage of the listening time, in particular visual indications on the level of solar charge and its use, as well as on the possibility of personalizing the controls. Technically, the Urbanista Los-Angeles is based on the Bluetooth 5.0 function, 40-millimeter speakers. The 750 mAh battery has a battery life of 80 hours.

The floor to Anders Andreen, CEO of Urbanista

"Los Angeles is a highly anticipated product, and a technological breakthrough our industry has been waiting for," explains Anders Andreen, CEO of Urbanista. We are pleased to announce that Urbanista Los Angeles is now available worldwide. We look forward to bringing this revolutionary technology to the market. Such innovations are not frequent and I myself look forward to seeing our customers enjoy this whole new way to view content on the go. ”

Available in black or gold finish at the indicative price of 199 euros.