How many billions of people still do not have the internet?

The difference in standard of living from one continent to another means that all of humanity is still not connected to the Internet.

According to estimates by the International Telecommunication Union (ITU) - the United Nations agency specializing in information and communication technologies - 2.9 billion people, or 37% of the world's population, have never used Internet.

4.9 billion people connected in 2021

Global growth is however significant: 4.9 billion people are connected in 2021, we were 4.1 billion in 2019. But of these 4.9 billion, several hundred million do not connect frequently or have speeds deplorable connection. Of the 2.9 billion unconnected, 96% live in developing countries.

The 15-24 age group more connected than the others

Among the other information revealed by the ITU, we learn that 62% of men use the internet, a figure that rises to 57% for women. Globally, city dwellers use the internet at 76%, while rural dwellers at 39%. Finally, on average 71% of 15-24 people are online, while the figure drops to 57% for other age groups. Source: Advanced Television