Chris Hemsworth announces on video the start of filming Tyler Rake 2

Australian comedian Chris Hemsworth announces on video via Twitter the start of filming of Tyler Rake 2.

The change of scenery compared to the first film Tyler Rake is radical since we pass from the hot and solar landscapes of Bangladesh, India and Thailand to the snowy and icy regions of Prague, where the shots of the Direct sequel to Netflix's third biggest hit (231 million views) has just started.

At the moment, not much is known about the script written by Joe Russo, except that Tyler Rake, the main character (a super soldier trained in the worst situations), survived his numerous injuries. . The film Tyler Rake 2 (alais Extraction in original version) should be available on Netflix in 2022. In the meantime, Chris Hemsworth has a little sports program to advise you to keep in good shape, we let you discover it here… Chris Hemsworth unveils his crazy workout for Tyler Rake 2 (video).