Netflix encoded AV1 on Smart TV and consoles (update)

A list of connected devices compatible with the new AV1 encoding on Netflix is now available.

A few days ago, we reported that Netflix now offers compressed content with the AV1 codec on a selection of Smart TVs, tablets and game consoles.

List of Netflix AV1 compatible equipment

Here is the list of the first devices affected at launch (source The Verge). Others will expand this inventory later:

• Selection of Samsung Ultra HD 4K Smart TVs 2020 vintage

• Selection of Samsung UHD QLED 2020 vintage Smart TVs

• Selection of Samsung Smart TVs UHD 8K QLED vintage 2020

• Smart TVs Samsung The Frame vintage 2020

• Smart TVs Samsung The Serif vintage 2020

• Smart TVs Samsung The Terrace vintage 2020

• PS4 Pro with the 'Netflix application

• Selection of Amazon Fire TV devices with Fire OS7 or higher

• Selection of Android Fire TV devices with Android 10 or higher

As a reminder, AV1 is a royalty-free compression / decompression codec, competing with HEVC, offered by the Alliance for Open Media (AOM) foundation, itself supported by big names in technology such as Microsoft , Apple, Google, Microsoft, Amazon, Facebook, Cisco, Mozilla and - of course - Netflix, which will integrate the AV1 on their machines and applications.