Disney's Premium VOD brings in nearly a billion in 2021

Great business as the paying (in addition to the subscription) of films in preview on Disney +.

Black Widow's Premier Access success on Disney + had impressed at the time, with a handsome result of $ 60 million in revenue. As a reminder, Premier Access is the provision of a film exclusively or simultaneously with the cinema release, in exchange for a ringing and stumbling supplement, in addition to the subscription already paid.

Thank you UFC too

An interesting model for Disney, therefore, which brought in a total of $ 933 million this year. A figure generated by Black Widow therefore, but also Cruella, Jungle Cruise, Raya and the last dragon, as well as several UFC matches on ESPN + (a channel also belonging to Disney). For comparison, in 2020, Disney was making $ 550 million in Premier Access, ushered in last year by Mulan and 11 UFC games.

Note, however, that the simultaneous release of Black Widow in cinema and streaming created some tensions between the company and actress Scarlett Johansson, who have since calmed down in exchange for a few tickets.