The first USB-C iPhone sold for $ 86,000

Simple study project, an iPhone modified to become USB-C compatible was a big success at auction on eBay.

We were already talking to you a few weeks ago about this project signed Ken Pillonel - robotics student - as part of his master's degree: an iPhone X whose proprietary Lightning port has been replaced by the USB-C standard.

Sold for $ 86,001 for a start of $ 1,000

Not sure what to do with his hybrid device, the engineer put it up for sale on the eBay auction platform on which he was very successful. In the end, the unique device went for the modest sum of $ 86,001, for a starting price of just $ 1,000.

Fully functional iPhone

The USB-C of this iPhone is functional, allowing recharging as well as data transfer, without affecting the performance or the size of the original device. In the video below, Ken Pillonel shows how he achieved this feat, including building a custom circuit and modifying the iPhone chassis to fit the USB-C connector, which is a little larger than the Lightning.