2022 4K Ultra HD Oled TV range: LG A2, LG B2, LG C2, LG G2 and LG Z2?

The name of LG's next 4K Ultra HD Oled TV range may already be known, due to a leak from the Korean National Institute for Radio Research…

Like last year, the leak on the LG 2022 TV range does not come from the Asian manufacturer but from a Korean certification body whose approval is mandatory for all electronic devices marketed in South Korea.

4K Ultra HD Oled TV: LG A2, LG B2, LG C2, LG G2 and LG Z2

Indeed, the National Radio Research Institute measures and validates the radio wave emissions of electronic equipment to avoid interference between them. It was on this occasion that the name of the LG B2 and LG A2 OLED screen series emerged on the Internet with the references OLED65B2VNA, OLED65B2KNA, OLED48A2KNA and OLED65A2KNA. We can then logically deduce that the other Oled TV series from the Korean manufacturer will be called (unless LG decides to change everything) LG A2, LG C2, LG G2 and LG Z2. Perhaps we will even see the LG R2 model appear in the TV Oled 2022 range of the brand, or the roll-up TV (see photo below).

As you can see, for the moment, no trace of TV 42 '' and / or 97 '', two new Oled diagonals which should arrive in 2022.


The presentation of the Oled 2022 range is scheduled as every year in January, during the CES in Las Vegas 2022 (from January 5 to 8). While waiting to be able to follow the press conference of the brand, know that the first QNED 2022 series, the QNED90 with the references 75QNED90UPA and 86QNED90UPA has also appeared on the website of the National Radio Research Agency. As a reminder, QNED LCD televisions are equipped with a Mini LED backlighting system associated with Quantum Dot and NanoCell technologies.