Penelope Fillon in Matrix Resurrections, Jeremy Strong in the Depeche Mode biopic… crazy!

By dint of seeing pictures scrolling all day long, our minds wandered a bit. As a result, we made ... imaginary films. Notice to producers, the cast is already ready, with photos to support it.

In this photo of the next Matrix Resurrections (at the cinema on December 22 and in 4K Ultra HD on April 27), we really thought we saw Penelope Fillon in the determined gaze of Carrie-Anne Moss. Perhaps his current personal story resonates with one of the great lessons of the Matrix saga, or how to "fight the system from the inside" ... In any case here, everything is 100% fictitious, we assure you. .

Jeremy Strong in Depeche Mode biopic?

Even stronger, the great physical similarities between comedian Jeremy Strong, aka Kendall Roy in the excellent HBO series Succession (right in the B&W photo below), and Depeche Mode fronteman Dave Gagan (left in B&W below). If the eventful life of the Godfather of Rock, who is currently releasing a blues album with Soulsavers, might not fit into one movie, the Jeremy Strong revelation would most certainly make a very good Dave Gahan.

Real fraternal twins

Finally, we could not forget the comedian Will Ferrell (by the way co-producer of the series Succession, last photo on the right below) and the drummer of the Red Hot Chili Peppers Chad Smith (on the left below), twins almost perfect who like to play it sometimes on US TV sets and who could, why not, one day end up in a movie.

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