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4K Ultra HD Blu-Ray US: the good sales figures of the week

US physical video market data for the first week of November, published by US Media Play News magazine and compiled by NPD VideoScan, is available. And the 4K Ultra HD Blu-Ray market share is really good.

Thus, for the week from 10/30 to 11/06 (see graph below), sales of 4K Ultra HD Blu-Ray discs in the USA represented 13.3% of the physical media market.

Parts Blu-Ray and DVD market At the same time, Blu-Ray shows 29.4%, DVD 57.3%. For information, this period saw the sales of certain 4K titles explode, allowing them to once again occupy the top of the ranking. This is the case for the Nobody and Wonder Woman 1984 trilogies boxes whose 4K sales represent respectively 79% and 78% of all boxes having found buyers.

Proportion 4K Ultra HD Blu-Ray It is the same for other titles released before. Thus, 18% of Blu-Ray discs sold for Free Guy are of 4K Ultra HD obedience. Behind, we find Black Widow with 17% of sales in 4K format. The Suicide Squad and Injustice follow at 13%, then Fast & Furious 9 at 12%, Snake Eyes: GI Joe Origins and The Protégé at 11% and Old and Cruella at 9%.