8K mini iPhone action camera AirPods case = crazy concept

Improbable gadget that this case for AirPods headphones equipped with a screen and a camera module.

While waiting for Apple to decide to take risks with the design of its iPhone, creatives of all stripes are taking the lead and imagining crazy gadgets by using the codes of the brand created by Steve Jobs.

AirPods and its multi-use case

Proof of this is the concept created by designer Zarruk Taiseer, a case for AirPods Pro mini. Yes mini, since these imaginary headphones are even smaller than those released by Apple (see photo below). And on the outside of the case is an 8K camera on one side, and a touch screen on the other (see photo above). The device can thus be used as an action camera like Go Pro, and as a mini iPhone (or a big Apple Watch).

A concentrate of ideas therefore, and even if one wonders what audience it could be intended for, we are no less admiring in front of so much creativity. Source: YankoDesign