Cinema mode or Filmmaker mode for the best picture quality?

Following our publication yesterday on the next ability of LG TVs 2020/2021 to automatically switch the picture setting to Filmmaker mode according to the content of the Amazon Prime Video service (see our news Automatic Filmmaker mode on LG 2020 TVs / 2021 with Amazon Prime Video), many of you are asking us if it offers a higher quality picture than Cinema mode, which many of you have so far favored.

Do not panic, the Cinema mode considered until then as the Holy Grail by moviegoers does not find itself overnight relegated to the rank of discarded image display technology. Filmmaker mode and Cinema mode are actually very similar, like fraternal twins.

Filmmaker Mode and Cinema Mode, twin modes

Developed by the Ultra HD Alliance consortium (click to find out more) to allow consumers to take advantage of the intentions of content creators, cinematographers and directors in mind, the Filmmaker mode is in fact very close to the present Cinema mode in televisions for ages. And if the initial will of the UHD Alliance is laudable, to make life easier for the viewer who wishes to benefit from the artistic will of the director or the director of photography, your reactions demonstrate the confusion that this name can cause.

What about measurements on Cinema and Filmmaker modes?

In short, be aware that Filmmaker mode incorporates all the attributes of Cinema mode (compliance with standards, deactivation of image processing, dynamic contrast, etc.). And if we were to identify a difference between the two, Filmmaker mode is very picky about respecting professional standards (in SDR of course, HDR being deficient in terms of standards) where Cinema mode is just picky. … Concretely, this results in measurements on the gamma, less precise in Cinema mode (see the second capture below of LG 65OLEDG1) compared to Filmmaker mode (see the first capture below of LG 65OLEDG1).

However, we repeat, Filmmaker mode is not a guarantee of optimum SDR image quality. For this, nothing beats a proper calibration as our measurements prove once the screen has been calibrated (see screenshot below). You can easily see it (click on the captures to zoom), the readings are almost perfect after a manual calibration compared to Filmmaker mode (see first photo above, as a reminder).

For HDR (see photos below), as you can see, the measurements before calibration are very close. However, they appear more accurate in Cinema mode (see capture at the bottom of this news) compared to Filmmaker mode (see capture below).

To summarize, on the LG G1 and on all the brand's Oled TVs, you can therefore continue to use Cinema mode, the difference will be minimal with Filmmaker mode.

One more Thing…

Last precision, this news is the occasion to announce to you a major change to come in the publication of the TV tests of Eager to publish a greater number of test benches, also eager for greater clarity to communicate to you the true capabilities of the televisions that are passing through our hands, not to mention a planned evolution of the site to compare the measurements of 'one screen compared to one (or more) other (s), we started Romain's work about 18 months ago to develop a database capable of ingesting our numerous measurements and presenting them simply. In addition, this new database had to be scalable, to integrate new technologies that will inevitably emerge in the TV universe in the months and years to come, and to adapt to them without compromising the information already compiled. A challenge…

In short, after having given our book on the trade many times, our work as Penelope is finally reaching its goal. A few more adjustments, a few bugs to track down and you will be able to discover, in the coming weeks (we have learned to be careful with this project) a total overhaul of the TV tests. And you will understand, we will begin this new era of TV testing with the LG OLED65G1. Stay Connected.