Philips TAW8506, DTS Play-Fi wireless subwoofer for Philips Oled / Mini LED TV 2021

The brand announces for its 2021 Oled and Mini LED TV series the availability of a wireless subwoofer, DTS Play-Fi certified, to reinforce the low frequency rendering of a television or to configure a real system 5.1 home theater without cables, the Philips TAW8506.

Among the technical characteristics of the Oled TV series and Mini LED TV Philips 2021, we note the DTS Play-Fi compatibility in "true surround", that is to say with the possibility of configuring from a television a Multichannel Home Cinema system. Of course, the multiroom aspect of the DTS Play-Fi protocol is still relevant.

DTS Play-Fi, wireless audio streaming protocol and multiroom

As a reminder, once connected to the local Wi-Fi network, DTS Play-Fi products are capable of wireless access via an application dedicated to the world of dematerialized music (with management of Hi-Res Audio files up to 192 kHz / 24 bits) by taking advantage of a music library or streaming platforms. But the DTS Play-Fi feature also offers multiroom management. Several speakers or Play-Fi equipment can coexist in the same household, communicate together, and all the features of a multiroom configuration are available: broadcasting from the same music source on all Play-Fi products, or even the possibility of broadcasting on each of them from a separate source. All perfectly synchronized (within a thousandth of a second).

5.1 DTS Play-Fi Home Theater Setup

With the Philips 2021 Oled and Mini LED TVs, it is now possible to configure a 5.1 DTS Play-Fi Home Cinema system from a sound bar and surround speakers which can also be used to listen to music excluding cinema screening. It is for this reason that the marketing of the DTS Play-Fi Philips TAW8506 subwoofer is good news, to be associated with a suitable Philips soundbar for a Home Cinema configuration, for example 5.1. Of course, it can also be associated alone with compatible televisions (see list below) to enhance the presence of low frequencies with a TNT program or content from an OTT service (Netflix, Disney +, Amazon Prime, etc.) . The power delivered displays 150 W (300 W peak) through an 8 '' membrane (approximately 20 cm).

List of 2021 TV series compatible with the Philips TAW8506 subwoofer:

• Philips OLED986

• Philips OLED936

• Philips OLED856

• Philips OLED806

• Philips OLED706

• Philips PML9636

• Philips PML9506

Immediate availability. Indicative price: 400 euros.

Reminder of the key features of the Philips TAW8506:

• Type: closed wireless subwoofer

• Power: 150 W RMS

• Speaker (s): woofer 20 cm

• Max / peak admissible power: 300 W

• Frequency response: 40 Hz - 150 Hz

• Vent: yes

• Other: DTS Play-Fi certification

• Dimensions (W x H x D): 240 x 390 x 400 mm

• Weight: 8.6 kg