PlayStation 5 in 18-carat gold: € 300,000

The Russians remind us that Sony's new console, the PlayStation 5, may be even rarer and more expensive than it already is.

After a Golden Rock model and a crocodile skin version, Russian company Caviar strikes again with another limited edition customized PlayStation 5.

PlayStation 5 in 18K Gold

All in 18k gold with an embossed texture, this PS5 comes with a black leather-covered controller (with gold inserts on the buttons, see photo above) and an ebony support. Limited to only 5 copies, the console is sold at a gift price of 307,200 euros.

24K Gold Plated PlayStation 5

And if the end of the month is difficult, Caviar has you in mind with this other version "only" plated in 24 carat gold but also finely textured and accompanied by a leather handle. Published in 99 copies, it will cost you only 11,110 euros. A case.