Cabasse Pearl Pelegrina, new connected active speakers, cousin of the Sphere, to celebrate the brand's 70th anniversary

At the end of September, on the occasion of its 70th anniversary, the Brest-based manufacturer Cabasse presented its latest creation, the connected Hi-Fi system The Pearl Pelegrina.

Here is Cabasse's latest contribution to the Stream edifice (even if the manufacturer no longer really promotes this label), a 2.0 Hi-Fi connected active speaker system that bears the name of The Pearl Pelegrina. Logically, it can therefore be integrated into a Stream set of a home to broadcast, for example, a sound source located in another room of the house.

Rich Cabasse Stream universe

The Pearl Pelegrina completes a series of equipment initiated in 2013 with the 2.1 Cabasse Stream 3 system, then expanded by the Cabasse Stream Base and Cabasse Stream Bar references, by the active Cabasse Stream 1 network speaker, by the Cabasse network player Stream Source, by the Cabasse Stream AMP 100 network amplifier, then by the active connected speakers Cabasse The Pearl and, finally, Cabasse Pearl Akoya in 2019 (click on the references to discover the tests or the news on these products by the editorial staff of '

The Cabasse Pearl Pelegrina enclosure, named in homage to a rare 55-carat pearl discovered in 1913 nicknamed the Incomparable, comes in the form of a ball 48 cm in diameter, close to the concept of the pulsating sphere , perched on a large stand which carries all the electronics (including a 768 kHz / 32-bit Dac) and connectors (at its base). The whole culminates at nearly 1.3 m in height. Those most in the know know that the Cabasse Pearl Pelegrina is a worthy descendant of the Cabasse Ocean System speakers and the Cabasse Sphère, a monumental speaker with absolutely extraordinary performance. And like all hardware in the Stream family, it has rich connectivity.

The Stream label

The Cabasse The Pearl Pelegrina therefore integrates the UPnP (DLNA) audio gateway function associated with Wi-Fi compatibility or the Ethernet port, plus APT-X Bluetooth compatibility, to enjoy streaming content from a NAS hard drive, a compatible mobile device or a computer shared on the local network, with perfect ergonomics. Not to mention an optical input, an RCA stereo input, an XLR stereo input to connect, for example, an audio CD player or a television, and a USB Host port. Another advantage, Cabasse The Pearl Pelegrina benefits from an automatic calibration process with integrated microphone managed by the StreamControl application, directly from the one that equips the Sphere.

In short, dematerialized music or music from a physical medium, Cabasse The Pearl Pelegrina offers a wide choice allowing it to meet all possible configurations. MP3, WMA, Wav, AIFF, AAC, Flac, Alac and Ogg compatibilities are provided, up to 192 Khz / 24 bits. And of course, for perfect ergonomics, Cabasse The Pearl Pelegrina can be fully controlled from a smartphone or tablet via the free Android / iOS application Cabasse StreamControl.

Acoustic package

The rest of the specifications mention access to Deezer, Qobuz, Spotify Connect, Tidal and several thousand Internet radios (vTuner), plus four Class D amplifiers delivering a total of 3,700 W per speaker: 1,850 W on the boomer 30 cm placed at the rear of the loudspeaker, 2 x 300 W on the midrange and the tweeter and 1250 W for the boomer-midrange. This principle, called tri-coaxial (HP TCA Cabasse patent), is directly inspired by that available in the Baltic and Sphere speakers. Finally, the advertised frequency response of 10Hz-27,000Hz is truly impressive. Namely, the first 70 Cabasse systems The Pearl Pelegrina benefit from a brushed aluminum plate signed Cabasse.

Immediate availability announced in metallic black or pearl white. Indicative price: € 25,000 per pair.

Reminder of the key features of the Cabasse The Pearl Pelegrina:

• Type: 2.0 connected active speakers

• Boomer (s): 30 cm

• Power: 3,700 W (1,850 W for the woofer + 1250 W for the woofer-midrange + 300 W for the midrange + 300 W for the tweeter)

• Bandwidth: 10-27,000 Hz

• Sensitivity: 134 dB

• Connections: 1 RCA stereo input, 1 XLR stereo input, 1 USB Host port, 1 optical input and 1 Ethernet port

• Other (s): Held Technologies, tri-coaxial BCI

• Certification : Hi-Res Audio

• Wi-Fi compatibility

• Bluetooth APT-X compatibility

• UPnP (DLNA) audio gateway compatibility

• MP3, WMA, Wav, AIFF, Ogg, AAC, Flac and Alac up to 192 kHz / 24 bits

• Spotify Connect compatibility

• Dac 768 kHz / 32 bits

• Multiroom: yes

• Dimensions (L x D x H): 480 x 480 x 1,284 mm

• Weight: 45 kg per unit