Second quarter cushy for Netflix ...

The number of Netflix subscribers worldwide reaches 209 million despite a large loss of members in the United States.

Netflix recently released its quarterly results, announcing an addition of 1.54 million subscribers worldwide for the second quarter, including more than one million in the Asia-Pacific region. The result exceeds the estimates of the company which expected only one million additional subscribers. In all, Netflix reaches 209.1 million subscribers worldwide.

430,000 subscribers lost in North America in the second quarter

The results are still less good than that of the same period last year: 10 million additional subscribers then. But the Covid-19 pandemic is forcing which caused an exceptional and high-speed increase in the number of subscribers to the video streaming service, the results are difficult to compare. In contrast, Netflix lost 430,000 subscribers in the United States and Canada in the last quarter. And even if the company explains these results by the Covid-19 effect, the return to normal is therefore proportionately violent.

Netflix and video game diversification; These figures undoubtedly explain Netflix's new strategy, which two days ago confirmed a diversification towards gaming. The idea of the OTT platform is to very quickly offer its subscribers video games, titles developed for mobiles and tablets (see our Video Games news on Netflix? It's confirmed!).

For the third quarter of 2021, Netflix expects to gain 3.5 million additional subscribers.