Ring, glasses… Apple wearable projects

A quick look at the new gadgets being prepared behind the scenes and in secret at Apple.

In his latest weekly bulletin, journalist Mark Gurman from Bloomberg tells us more about the wearable gadget projects in development at Apple, starting with a connected ring whose existence we have already mentioned from 2021.

The idea was then presented internally by Apple's industrial design team to the "health" team, namely a smart ring based on health and fitness. Currently, the project is not in active development, so we still don't know if it will ever come to fruition.

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Other project in progress, the augmented reality glasses which we have also been talking to you about for a while. These glasses are currently in the "technology investigation" stage within Apple's hardware engineering team, and could eventually become a less ambitious gadget, a sort of alternative to AirPods, equipped with headphones, cameras, biometric sensors and AI capabilities.

Finally, let's stay on AirPods with improved headphones, equipped with low-resolution cameras and also AI capabilities in order to “assist the user in their daily routine” .